Twitter Enables Video Auto-Captions

According to studies, 92% of people watched videos without sound. That is why most social media platforms tried tools to easily turn off audio. At the same time, they also add video auto-captions for better video messaging. 

Twitter Enables Video Auto-Captions

Twitter has also been finding ways to improve video quality. It even acquired the Squad video chat app. Today, Twitter enables video auto-captions. Twitter users watching videos via Android and iOS will now see auto-captions on videos when muted. For desktop or web users, they can turn the auto-captions on or off via the CC option under device settings.

Twitter enables video auto-captions on 15 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Marketers should experiment with videos as Twitter enables video auto-captions. This can greatly improve connection and engagement with their target audiences.


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