Twitter Enables Tweet Replies Ad Placement Option

Twitter Enables Tweet Replies Ad Placement Option

Is your brand using app install to run Twitter ads? Then, here’s good news! Twitter enables a “tweet replies ad placement option.” Like reaction videos, brands and businesses can now insert promoted tweets within conversations.

  1. Tweet replies ad placement options

    Tweet replies ad placement options allow brands to insert an ad within the reply control. It will show next to the first reply of a tweet. Twitter has been testing such a placement since October 2021. Today, it enables them to help advertisers increase attribute installs, cost per install, and impressions.Twitter enables tweet replies ad placement option on 04 May 2022.

  2. Implications to Marketers:

    Tweet replies ad placement option is a great way to explore for marketers to boost engagements, reach, video views, and other campaign objectives.


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