Twitter Tests Reaction Videos on Tweets

Here’s another update from Twitter. Twitter tests reaction videos on tweets. The platform introduced tweet reactions last September. Then, it experimented with quote tweets with reactions last December 2021. Today, Twitter tests reaction videos on tweets.

Twitter reply with reaction

To create and customize a unique tweet take, you can now start a tweet reaction video on iOS. Simply tap the retweet icon, choose quote tweets with reactions, and upload a reaction photo or video. The flow adds a full-screen image or clip to respond to a tweet. The original tweet is embedded in the visual.

Twitter tests reaction videos on tweets as of 06 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers: 

Reaction videos on tweets is a key element of Twitter Fleets, which have been removed last July 2021. For marketers, such a feature can help boost engagement through creative and full-screen sharing.


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