Twitter Introduces Conversation Settings for Ads

Conversation Settings

According to a 2019 study, Twitter is the social media network with the highest impact on brand conversations. That is why the platform has long been working on enhancing its tools to help brands better connect to their audiences. Last December 2020, it has been testing options to limit tweet replies on promoted tweets. This feature is similar to the three options on who will be able to reply to tweets from ordinary accounts. Today, Twitter introduces conversation settings for ads. 

Conversation Settings for Ads

The new Conversation Settings for ads make it easier for brands to control replies to their initiated conversations on the platform. They will now have the freedom to choose who can reply to their branded tweets. The choices are:

  • Everyone – where brands can connect with everybody on Twitter.
  • People you follow – where brands can allow engagements from Twitter members they trust.
  • Only people you mention – where brands can host a conversation with a curated number of guests through a list of mentions.

Brands can access these new conversation settings via the tweet composer. They just need to select an option on the dropdown menu before publishing a post. 

In the Tweet Composer, each Tweet will default to “Everyone can reply”. If you’d prefer different settings, use the dropdown to select “People you follow” or “Only people you mention”. Create the rest of your Tweet as you normally would. Once you publish, your chosen setting will be applied.

Twitter introduces conversation settings for ads as of 09 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s conversation settings on promoted tweets can stop fake accounts or trolls from posting harmful comments on a branded content or promoted tweets. By limiting who can reply to tweets, brands can encourage the participation of trusted followers. This can also be a marketing trick. You can prompt users to follow your Twitter account by offering a discount to those who comment or reply to your Twitter post. The key is created to encourage engagement with 340 million monthly active users on Twitter.


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