Twitter Enables Click ID on Ads

Twitter reported a 5% increase of its daily active users, now at 192 million. Twitter attributed such growth on their recent moves to personalized experience in the platform. These include frequency capping on ads, options to limit tweet replies, sharing tweets on Snapchat, and virtual rooms. Today, the platform is working on providing brands and businesses with better ad insights. As such, Twitter enables Click ID on ads.

Twitter Enables Click ID on Ads

Twitter’s Click ID on ads is a new tag process to help advertisers to drive higher engagement and keep data ad responses. This 1st-party data doesn’t use 3rd party cookies. Click ID is a unique ad identifier that will automatically be captured once a user clicks a Twitter ad. As such, it becomes an attribute in Twitter’s ad insights. This is one reliable method to measure the responses of the Twitter nation in an ad. 

Twitter has also rebuilt its App Installs’ infrastructure for better and easier ad management. Among the highlights of the rebuilt are:

  • An Advanced Mobile Measurement Program tallowing advertisers to measure LTV and ROAS even if iOS 14 launches the app tracking transparency framework (ATT).
  • An enhanced App card’s creative format with the addition of download details, price, and rating.
  • An upgraded ad auction’s prediction and supply through the launch of bid optimization, a combination of prediction, and supply quality improvements. 
  • Easier campaign creation and management through simplified Ad Group details and single tab creation.

Twitter enables Click ID on ads as of 09 February 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s Click ID is a way to boost ad engagement and tracking. For marketers, this is also a relief from getting limited ad insights with the launch of Apple’s IDFA. With 192 million daily active users, Twitter can help brands increase conversion and discovery with its unique way of connecting to the Twitter nation.


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