Twitter Enables a New Purchases Tab

By the start of September, Twitter officially launched the “Super Follow” option. It is one of the monthly paid subscriptions that the platform is now offering. The other premium services are the weather service, Tomorrow, and exclusive content for Twitter Blue. Today, Twitter enables a new “purchases” tab.

Twitter 'Purchases' tab

Social Media expert Matt Navarra recently shared a tweet that some users are seeing the new “purchases” tab in Twitter’s function listing. Right now, the new “purchases” tab will show a list of subscription or ticketed Spaces that the user has purchased. In line with the expansion of Twitter’s monetization options, the new “purchases” tab can be a record of one’s digital purchases. 

Twitter enables a new “purchases” tab on 03 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Since early this year, Twitter has been experimenting with eCommerce tools. The platform tested shop buttons to make tweet cards shoppable. It has also been testing shop modules for brands to showcase products and services. Twitter’s new “purchases” tab can be another significant eCommerce push. Marketers should keep a watch on how the new “purchases” tab will eventually evolve. Moving forward, it can be another element to factor in your Twitter marketing strategy.


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