Twitter Updates Its Transparency Center

Twitter has been providing insights on its actions and rules via transparency reports. It aims to shine a light on the platform’s practices like policy enforcement and ongoing works to disrupt manipulated global information. To better promote the exchange of information, Twitter updates its transparency center.

Twitter Updates Its Transparency Center

The new Twitter Transparency Center is an evolved transparency report site. It integrates all disclosed data in one place. The mini-site now includes the following categories:

  • copyright notices
  • email security
  • information requests
  • platform manipulation
  • removal requests
  • state-backed information operations 
  • trademark notices
  • Twitter Rules enforcement

What’s better is that Twitter adopts:

  • country comparison
  • data visuals
  • milestone history and updates
  • new method and metrics 
  • new policy categories
  • tooltips

The new methods and metrics cover data from July 2018 to December 2019. These changes make Twitter’s transparency reporting more accessible and easily understood.

Twitter updates its transparency center as of 19 August 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s new transparency center makes it easier to view shifts and trends on the platform using data visualization. The new method and metrics are quite outdated. But they’re interesting data to note. They are useful when making comparisons to guide future marketing decisions. Marketers can also use them to find which content resonates best with the platform’s audience. With the ease of flexibility of using Twitter on smartphones, it’s a tool to always include in a brand’s marketing strategy.


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