Twitter Adds More Premium Video Content Partners

Twitter Adds More Premium Video Content Partners

Today, not only text tweets matter. Twitter enabled visuals like images and videos on tweets. The platform is recently testing multi-attachments in a single tweet. As part of the one-page ad checklist of its ad product rebranding, Twitter now adds more premium video content partners.

Twitter Amplify currently houses a robust lineup of premium video ads with the most relevant publishers. It brings content to the world’s most robust audiences. In its NewFronts 2022, Twitter announces new partnerships with:

  • Conde Nast is the home of the world’s most iconic brands.
  • E! News is a global source of entertainment news.
  • WNBA is the official site of the Women’s National Basketball Association in the US.

Twitter is also partnering with NBCUniversal to test on iSpot, a new standard in TV ad measurement,  and Revolt, a sound cloud app for premium music content.

Twitter adds more premium video content partners on 05 May 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

As Twitter adds more premium video content partners, it is giving marketers more ways to level app videos on media campaigns. These pre-roll live events can help engage members of the Twitter nation to promote brands, products, and services.


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