Twitter Updates the Features of “Amplify Pre-Roll Video Ads”

Twitter is the go-to social media platform to find out the latest happenings and trends in the world. For the platform, video is the most effective way to show these contents. That is why it rolled out the Amplify Publisher Program last 2018. It allowed publishers to monetize a 10-minute video clip before a video content play. Twitter also rolled out new Communities tools, conversation settings for ads, and shop buttons on Twitter cards. These features can help brands further monetize their content. Today, Twitter updates the features of “Amplify Pre-Roll Video Ads.”

Twitter Updates the Features of “Amplify Pre-Roll Video Ads”

Curated Categories

Today, Twitter is adding new niche topics for video content. They are called “Curated Categories”, a new list on the top of Standard Categories for video content. Curated Categories are favorite topics and light-hearted content among the Twitter nation. These include basketball, Esports team, football, gaming personalities, and soccer. Such categories allow advertisers to run the pre-roll video ads along with publishers with similar content. These publishers are carefully hand-selected by a Twitter team of experts for further alignment.

New Format and Set-Up for Amplify Pre-Roll Video Ads

Twitter also rolls out a new format and set up for pre-roll video ads. It now features an explainer’s note, logo, and name of the brand during ad playback. The platform also makes it easier for brands to set up these video ads. This is through a full listing of monetization categories appearing during the targeting phase.  

Video Partnership Expansion

Twitter announces its video partnership expansion to over 200 brands. The latest additions to the list are Buzzfeed, Hearst, Fox Sports, and NBC Universal. As such, the platform provides a broader range of opportunities for pre-roll video ads. These categories are initially available to Brazil, the Middle East, North Africa, the UK, and the US. 

Twitter updates the features of “Amplify Pre-Roll Video Ads” on 30 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s new features on pre-roll video ads can help marketers better reach the right audience for their campaigns. Curated Categories offer more opportunities to tap into popular premium content like sports. The new pre-roll video ads format and set up can improve the clarity of brand metrics to better drive results. While the expanded video partnership positions Twitter promotion to a larger scope. 



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