Snapchat Shows How AR Enhances the Purchase Journey

Snapchat Shows How AR Enhances the Purchase Journey

Snapchat recently applied for a patent on 3D avatar animation. With new AR tools like catalog-shopping lenses and image processing, Snapchat shows how AR enhances the purchase journey.


With AR, brands and businesses can personalize the shopping experience. As AR makes a difference among shoppers, 80% consider AR branding.


People in the middle and end of their buying experience spend more time on AR. It allows them to go deeper and prepares them to make a purchase.


AR creates an interactive experience that stops snap chatters from scrolling. It helps them discover new ideas and products. Around 28% of shoppers substitute AR for an in-person experience.


AR can boost engagement through unique experiences. It can be trying on clothes, makeup, shoes, etc. virtually. As such, AR drives the purchase intent from 7 out of 10 shoppers.

Post Purchase

Around 96% of buyers will continuously long for AR experiences to make a purchase. It boosts their confidence to try a similar experience.

Snapchat shows how AR enhances the purchase journey on 20 June 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Snapchat AR indeed provides a unique user experience. It can help marketers boost engagement, loyalty, and sales.


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