Snapchat Introduces Food Scan

Snapchat aims to help its users discover and understand the world around them. This holiday season, the multi-messaging app is seeing potential growth in food searches. That is why Snapchat introduces a “food scan.”

Snapchat Food Scan

Food Scan is a contemporary of Snapchat’s AR lenses, food and wine barcodes, and Screenshop. It is an updated scan tool that suggests recipe recommendations. For example, if you have a small cartoon of eggs chilling in the fridge, you can scan them using your Snap camera and get relevant recipes.

Food scan house 4500+ recipes for 1200+ ingredients. The feature launches in partnership with AllRecipes. Snapchat introduces a “food scan” on 16 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s food scan is a sign of more AR connections in the app. Marketers should be well prepared to shift their strategy using these tools to level up marketing through messaging. With 170 million Snap chatters using food scans, they can surely boost engagement and sales.


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