Snapchat Publishes Scary Goods Halloween Insights

We are more than halfway through the seasons this year. As the holiday season is fast approaching, brands and businesses need to plan on their marketing strategies. Snapchat is one of the earliest to launch a holiday resource hub this year. With the “Get the Gift of Results” handout, Snap chatters get a dose of inspiration for holiday shopping. Today, Snapchat publishes scary-good Halloween insights.

Snapchat Publishes Scary Goods Halloween Insights

Remember the “Open Your Snapchat” video campaign? Through it, Snapchat was able to highlight its features and tools to create effective ads and campaigns. The scary-good Halloween insights, on the other hand, highlights key platform connection tools and usage stats. Brands and businesses can use it to guide them with their trick-or-treat campaign planning 80 days before Halloween. 

The scary-good Halloween insights note that Halloween is a much-awaited holiday among Snap chatters. Around 80% used Snapchat to connect with family and friends during that day. During that day, 64% plan to buy something new a week before Halloween. To drive measurable results during the spooky season, Snapchat suggests using its AR tools. 

Snapchat publishes scary-good Halloween insights on 13 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s scary-good Halloween insights are a perfect guide for marketers to plan with their Halloween campaign. With lots of connection tools and usage stats highlighted on the handout, marketers will surely find creative ideas to boost reach and revenue on their Halloween campaigns.


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