Snapchat Adds New Ways to Snap

Last year, Snapchat focused on enhancing its AR and sound tools. The platform enabled advanced AR try-on, new AR lenses, and sound library expansion. Today Snapchat adds new ways to snap. To kick off the new year, Snapchat adds a slew of new messaging features to make chats more fun and expressive.

Snapchat Reactions

Bitmoji Reactions

These are personalized crazy cartoons that Snap chatters can use to snap. With seven emotions to choose from, it will be easier to react to a message or share your feelings in a chat.

Snapchat message reply threads

Chat Reply 

A chat reply allows a Snap chatter to respond to an individual message within an ongoing chat. Simply hold down a message and tap reply. It helps users better communicate with a context and keep convos on track.

Snapchat video calling update

Improved Calling 

The improved calling feature of Snapchat now allows users to preview who joined a group call before answering the call. Millions of video-calling lenses have also been added to help you snap in many ways.

Snapchat poll stickers

Poll Stickers 

Snap chatters can now add emoji-powered polls to Snaps and Stories. These visual polls are currently available to Android and iOS. Designed with transparency in mind, emojis can help friends vote with kindness and thoughtfulness.

Snapchat adds new ways to snap on 12 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

As Snapchat adds new ways to snap, it can help marketers boost interaction within the messaging app. They may be minor tweaks. But they can help expand usage in the app.


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