Snapchat Partners with eBay

Snapchat Partners with eBay

Snapchat is set to ramp up on eCommerce! During the 2022 Snap Partner Summit, the platform announced new AR tools, dynamic stories, and landmarkers. Today, Snapchat partners with eBay.

Snapchat Partners with eBay

Snap chatters can now share eBay listings within Snaps. It can be easy to use the Snap camera on Android and iOS. Open the eBay list you want to share. Under the share button, choose Snapchat. You will automatically jump to the Snapchat Camera with an automated eBay sticker. Use Snapchat’s creative tools and publish. Anyone who views and taps the eBay sticker will be directed to the eBay listing.

Snapchat partners with eBay on 19 May 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

As Snapchat partners with eBay, it is giving marketers more opportunities for free advertising on the platform. With 142 million buyers on eBay, it can significantly improve conversion and sales.


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