Snapchat Adds Custom Landmarkers to AR Stories

Snapchat Adds Custom Landmarkers to AR Stories

Snapchat knows that the way people communicate, interact, and live is constantly evolving. That is why the platform never tires innovating its lens studio. It enabled AR story tools, local lenses, and location sharing. Today, Snapchat adds custom landmarkers to AR Stories.

Snapchat Custom Landmarkers

Snapchat landmarkers allow users to use real-world locations in their snaps. The experiment started with the famous Carnaby Street of London, where a map of the entire street can be added as an image or video overlay. Today, snap chatters can interact with famous landmarks all over the world.

Custom landmarkers highlight the next generation of computing experience in Snapchat. With 250,000 lens creators, users can now anchor lenses to local places that people care about. From statues to storefronts, snap chatters can use custom location overlays on their AR stories. They can be discoverable via the physical Snapcodes on the lens creator profile or landmark.

Snapchat adds custom landmarkers to AR Stories as of 16 March 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Snapchat’s custom landmarkers on AR Stories allow a location-locked AR experience. For marketers, these can boost discoverability through local searches. With 319 million, they can help brands and businesses boost sales to target audiences nearby.


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