Pinterest Introduces Search by Hair Pattern

Here’s another shopping innovation from Pinterest! This time, the platform focuses on maximizing inclusion. Today, Pinterest introduces “Search by Hair Pattern.” It is the first-ever advancement in beauty search results. Before the said update, Pinterest has launched innovations such as AR try-on for makeup brands and eyeshadows, and virtual car test drives.

Pinterest hair type search example

Pinterest is aware that finding inspiration for hairstyles is not an easy task. That is why they introduce “Search by Hair Pattern.” It allows pinners to search for hair ideas and products based on six different hair types. These include bald/shaved, coily, curly, protective, straight, and wavy. Using vision-powered object detection, pinners can discover ideas based on their specific hair type. With 500 million images to choose from, they can search for broad hair terms like glam hair, short hair, or summer hairstyles., etc. Pinterest narrows down the results and personalizes them based on useful matches in the app.

Pinterest introduces “Search by Hair Pattern” on 18 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Pinterest’s “Search by Hair Pattern” can facilitate inclusion on all levels – specific pinners and groups. They can be an inspiration among marketers to optimize uploading images of products and services that align with inclusion. As such, it ensures that a brand’s images relate for everyone to expand reach.


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