Snapchat Introduces Dynamic Travel Ads

Snapchat Introduces Dynamic Travel Ads

The COVID pandemic set forth a lot of travel restrictions. As the world goes back to a new normal, travel businesses are trying to bounce back. As such, Snapchat introduces dynamic travel ads.

Snapchat Introduces Dynamic Travel Ads

Snapchat houses a lot of dynamic ads. These include CPG ads, dynamic stories, and mid-roll ads on Snap Stories. Dynamic travel ads utilize pixel tracking on the Snap map to suggest airlines, destinations, hotels, and tours relevant to the user’s interest. The key benefits of Snapchat’s dynamic travel ads are:

  • Advanced targeting based on the Snap chatter’s travel intent.
  • Customized catalog setup to meet traveler’s needs
  • Locally-relevant travel campaigns

Snapchat introduces dynamic travel ads on 01 June 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

With Snapchat’s dynamic travel ads, it will be easier for marketers to create segmented targeting for travel ads. This can boost travel business conversions on the platform.


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