Snapchat Introduces Campaign Lab

Snapchat Introduces Campaign Lab

Snapchat strongly believes that advertisers and marketers should continuously experiment with different strategies. That is why the platform continues to innovate, like launching AR spectacles and 3D Bitmojis. They also want to give brands and businesses the right insights on what can and what works for them. Last June, the multi-messaging app rolled out an early holiday hub. Today, Snapchat introduces Campaign Lab. Campaign Lab is a new section in Snap Ads Manager. The tool aims to provide more guidance among brands to maximize their ad performance. 

Get Recommendations

Campaign Lab houses a learning center and recommendations section about Snap Ads. These sections include actions, agendas, and insights on forming hypotheses and starting a new test campaign. 

Snapchat Campaign Lab

Run Split Tests

Marketers can also run different types of split testing for their ads via Snapchat’s Campaign Lab. It is an advanced campaign creation flow. The types of split tests included are:

  • Audience Split Test
  • Creative Split Test 
  • Goal Split Test
  • Placement Split Test

Track and Analyze Split Tests

Campaign Lab also includes an “Analyze” section where marketers can see more in-depth data about each slit test they have made. This includes detailed reports and schedules of ongoing and previously run split tests.

Snapchat introduces Campaign Lab on 30 July 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s Campaign Lab is a handy tool for marketers to refine their creative assets. Every split test on the tool can help refine your campaign approach and maximize it. 


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