Pinterest Launches Creator Code and Fund

After holding its first global advertiser summit, Pinterest is now set to boost its support among creators in the platform. Held last October 2020, the “Pinterest Presents summit” highlighted creative sessions and inspiring talks to building a positive community. This was followed by the launch of B2B ad campaigns, dynamic creative ads, and new tools for boards. Today, Pinterest launches its creator code and fund.

Pinterest Launches Creator Code and Fund

Creator Code

Pinterest creator code is an online space to help creators build a positive community. Before posting a story pin, the code enforces the acceptance of guidelines to mitigate negativity. Among the creator code essentials are:

  • Express yourself but be kind.
  • Start a conversation and check your facts.
  • Inspire actions but avoid causing harm.
  • Be bold but acknowledge triggers.
  • Encourage others rather than divide.

Together with insights and tools, the creator code can greatly help creators to become positive inspirations.

Creator Fund

Pinterest also created a $500k funding program to support a small group of creators and influencers from under-represented communities. These include those under food and travel, photography, and the world of fashion. Such funding will be in the form of cash and media. The chosen creators will receive a budget and credits for content creation.  They will also undergo a series of creative strategy consulting. The program is initially available in the US. But Pinterest plans to add more creators among different global regions throughout the year.

Pinterest launches its creator code and fund on 07 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Pinterest creator code makes it easier for brands and creators to follow Pinterest guidelines and policies. For marketers, such a tool can help them create more positive ads that inspire pinners. The creator fund, on the other hand, helps under-represented creators make their mark on the platform. This means more options for partnerships like what Snapchat AR funds did.


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