Pinterest Introduces New Tools for Boards

As Pinterest followers grow to 442 million monthly active users, it’s getting hard to keep track of ideas and inspirations in the platform. As such, Pinterest introduces new tools for boards – personal note, pin favorites, and pinboard sorting. These new tools to find and track ideas and inspirations on Pinterest boards. 

Pinterest Introduces New Tools for Boards

The personal note is a new “Note to Self” feature allowing pinners to add private notes on a Pinterest board. It can help tab comments, ideas, and reminders for future references. 

Pin favorites allow pinners to mark top ideas that they’re most interested in by tapping the “star” icon on the pinboard.

Pinboard sorting is three new sets of options to sort Pinterest boards: 

  • “More ideas” help pinners find similar pins.
  • “Organize” allow pinners to re-arrange active boards according to their preferences. 
  • “To-Dos “allow pinners to add a list of tasks they need to perform about a specific board. 

Pinterest introduces new tools for boards on 10 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

The new tools on Pinterest boards make it easy for pinners to sort ideas and inspirations on the platform. For marketers, these can help increase their visibility and productiveness on Pinterest marketing. Brands should update their Pinterest catalogs and take advantage of story pins. As such, pinners can include them under their favorite pins or to-do-list.



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