Pinterest Unveils Dynamic Creative Ad Targeting

In the past few months, Pinterest has been climbing the eCommerce ladder. The platform launched catalogs, collection pins,  shop tabs, shopping spotlights, and video tabs. It also put in place a new metric system on ads. To make it easier for advertisers to schedule ads, Pinterest unveils Dynamic Creative ad targeting.

Dynamic Creative ad targeting is a technology that automates ad creation and targeting based on the individual behaviors of Pinterest users. It responds to how a pinner interacts in the app. When a pinner searches for specific products, the Dynamic Creative ad targeting system will show uploaded catalogs that match the search interest or topic.

To make the Dynamic Creative ad targeting possible, Pinterest partners with 3 data-driven platforms. These are, and StitcherAds. These 3 platforms provide in-app tracking to automate ad creation based on user insights. 

Pinterest unveils Dynamic Creative ad targeting as of 19 January 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

It seems strange for Pinterest to introduce Dynamic Creative ad targeting with Apple’s upcoming IDFA.  Pinterest now has around 442 million monthly active users, most of which use iOS. These can block 85% of individual user insights. 

For marketers, Dynamic Creative ad targeting makes it easier to create customized ads. What’s important is for brands to upload products on Pinterest catalogs from time to time. With complete information – like inventory, pricing, and buying guides, Dynamic Creative ad targeting can drive performance on these ads.



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