Pinterest Launches Its First Business-To-Business Ad Campaign

Pinterest now focuses on boosting eCommerce in the platform. After holding its first global advertisers’ summit, and unveiling creative ad targeting, it launches its first business-to-business ad campaign. This is to further promote Pinterest marketing and shops.

The first business-to-business ad campaign of Pinterest is called the “Be their Next” campaign. In a YouTube video clip, the platform highlights that they have the right audience with them. They don’t want their audience to delete the app because they develop FOMO, doom scroll, or feel jealous. They also don’t want boards to be selfie stuff. Instead, Pinterest wants boards to be a self-stuff for pinners on their next buy, save, and try.

Together with the “Be their Next” campaign, Pinterest created a mini-site that supports video ads. The site includes relevant links and statistics in creating video campaigns. 

Pinterest also launches business access for ad accounts. This gives brands more options in permitting employees and partners. At the same time, it can help them better manage their account. 

Pinterest launches its first business-to-business ad campaign on 01 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

The first business-to-business ad campaign of Pinterest expands marketing opportunities in the platform. With 459 million monthly active users, it indeed has the target audience for automotive and beauty brands. With the new tools, marketers can expand the opportunity to market other brand categories on Pinterest. They also make it easier for them to control who’s in—charge of a campaign or promotion.


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