Oberlo Releases 2021 Instagram Trends

Instagram has one billion active users worldwide, which makes it one of the biggest social media platforms today. Brands and businesses have turned to using Instagram as a marketing platform to reach out to their target audiences. That is why Oberlo has also released a list of Instagram trends that are foreseen to be prominent in 2021.


This is what Oberlo had to say:

Instagram Stories: the backbone of influencer marketing

Instagram Stories have been a big part of Instagram ever since they were launched a few years ago. They are a key aspect of influencer marketing, considering that they found that nearly eight out of ten brands say that Instagram Stories have had a massive impact on the way that influencers promote their brand. 88% of influencers also say that they publish content on Instagram Stories on a regular basis. As such, it is seen that the feature will have much more traction in the coming year, and it is foreseen to be a bigger part of influencer marketing.

Usage of Reels expected to rise

Instagram Reels, which is patterned after TikTok, was launched in August 2020. For now, it is only available in 50 countries, but Instagram is expected to roll it out in more regions in the coming months. It is expected to compete with TikTok in terms of growth, and it comes at an opportune time as TikTok is being banned in some regions. In India, where TikTok has been banned, the average time spent on Instagram has grown by 3.5% since Reels was rolled out in the region.

Instagram Live to live on

Livestreams on social media have become more prominent over the past few months, especially as brands and businesses have taken to using digital means for their marketing efforts. In April, the usage of Instagram Live was seen to have gone up by 70% in just one month. As per Oberlo: “Analysts attribute it to the fact that humans are not wired to remain in isolation for long periods of time and are turning to social media channels to satisfy their need for social interaction.” As nations across the globe are experiencing waves of infection, it seems that the situation will last for longer and Instagram Lives will continue to grow in popularity. 

In-app shopping trending

Online shopping has also risen in popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic, and consumers have taken to Instagram to discover new products, with as much as 70% of shoppers saying that they use Instagram for product discovery. Instagram Shops was launched earlier in 2020, and it provides brands and businesses with a platform to promote and sell their products without the user having to leave the app for checkout. According to Oberlo, “Fully aware of this, the platform is constantly launching new features to cater to consumers’ needs across the different stages of the purchase funnel… With shoppers spending more and more time on Instagram, we won’t be surprised if in-app shopping starts trending on Instagram in 2021, more than it currently is.”

Instagram’s Explore tab

Instagram’s Explore page allows users to discover content across the platform. Over 50% of accounts use the Explore feature at least once a month, and Instagram’s efforts to make the platform more interactive and user-friendly indicates that the Explore feature will be used more. That being said, the Explore page can be an excellent way for brands and businesses to display their content to potential customers, and they can also use it to increase brand visibility.

TikTok, Twitter, and GIF content trending

Content on Instagram comes in many different forms. Cross-platform content has spread throughout Instagram, and Instagram has been working on ways to allow users to create similar types of content on the platform itself. Facebook has even recently purchased Giphy, which it plans to integrate into Instagram. This is indicative that similar types of content will continue to proliferate Instagram over the coming months.

Use of branded AR filters

AR is expected to be the next big thing. Over a billion people worldwide have used Spark AR since Facebook made it public, and brands have been utilizing the technology to provide customers with a new way to experience their products. For example, certain brands have been allowing users to try on makeup looks to see what works well with them without actually having to go to the store to try it on. The potential of AR is boundless, and it is expected that more brands will find ways to utilize the technology to enhance their marketing efforts come 2021.

Carousel posts to continue trending

Instagram carousel posts are one of the most popular post formats on Instagram, and Oberlo forecasts that it will continue to grow over the next few months. According to Oberlo, “In 2020 alone, we see that carousel posts’ share of the total Instagram posts has been increasing month after month, so much so that analysts predict they’re on their way to becoming Instagram’s main form of organic content. If these figures continue on the path they’re on, there’ll be no doubt that carousel posts will be one of the top Instagram trends of 2021.” 

Instagram’s social cause feature

Instagram now has its fundraiser feature, which users can use to start personal fundraisers or contribute towards existing fundraisers. The new feature was initially introduced to support struggling businesses. According to Oberlo, “With economists forecasting the recession to last at least a few more quarters and definitely into 2021, we reckon this feature will gain traction and start trending on Instagram in 2021—if not sooner.”

IGTV takes centre stage

It is highly likely that IGTV will be more prominent across the platform, especially since Instagram is planning to allow ads on the feature. As per Oberlo, “That makes it both more attractive for content creators to start producing longer videos for IGTV and try to make money off the ad opportunities, as well as for brands to get their names in front of fresh eyes to boost awareness… Instagram has promised more IGTV expansions and features to be rolled out over the months so expect usage to gain momentum going into 2021.” 

Implications for Marketers:

These are the trends that are expected to rise across Instagram in 2021. Marketers and brands alike could use this as a guide in planning out their marketing strategies throughout the year, and they can assess which trends would work best for their businesses. As the pandemic is seen to last for quite some more time, marketers should look for ways to maximize brands’ digital platforms and optimize their digital marketing strategies.





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