Meta Outlines Its Commerce Policies

It has been three months since Facebook initiated a big change. The platform rebranded into Meta last October 2021. It is now a social tech company. With the Metaverse Project, its vision is to focus more on immersive AR and VR experiences. Today, Meta outlines its commerce policies.

Meta’s commerce technology is scalable and simple. It allows users to make a direct purchase on Facebook and Instagram Shops. It also allows exchanging of goods and services within local communities on Marketplace. As Meta is committed to delivering trustworthy shopping, Meta outlines its commerce policies and enforcement.

Meta commercial regulations

Commerce Eligibility Requirement

To create Facebook and Instagram Shops, a brand or business should meet Meta’s Commerce Eligibility Requirements as follows:

  • First, they must be compliant with Meta’s Ads Policies, Commerce Policies, Pages, Groups, and Events Policies, and Seller Agreement.
  • Second, the Shop should represent a single business or domain located in a supported market.
  • Third, the Facebook or Instagram Page should demonstrate trustworthiness among a sufficient follower base.
  • Fourth, they should provide accurate information and follow best practices.


Meta’s automated technology and trained global teams constantly gather feedback and information to enforce commerce policies. Meta continuously collects shopper feedback through customer surveys, ratings, and reviews.

Any violation may result in being rejected to use product tags, removal from commerce listings, revoking access to shopping solutions, or disabling an account or page. In case one believes that enforcement is in error, the account holder or page admin can request a review.

Meta’s Tips to Shop Safely

Here are Meta’s tips for Facebook and Instagram users to shop safely online:

  • Research before making a purchase.
  • Make use of secure payment methods like Facebook Pay.
  • Keep your personal information safe.
  • Report suspicious activities. This option is available by tapping the three dots in the top right corner of the product or shop.

Meta outlines its commerce policies on 13 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

As Meta outlines its commerce policies, it gives marketers a clear picture of their responsibilities as a merchant in the platform. By being updated with what’s needed and what you should avoid, brands get a better chance of doing business on Facebook and Instagram.


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