Meta Introduces Spark AR Go

Here’s another small step in augmented reality from Meta. Today, Meta introduces Spark AR Go. It is a new AR tool available at the iOS app of Creator Studio. Such a feature was announced by Meta during Facebook Connect 2021.

Spark AR Go app


Spark AR Go house AR quizzes, one-of-a-kind makeup look, unique background replacement, etc. With built-in templates and switch-and-slide tools, it can help creators publish creative content on Instagram. They can also extend their personal assets and brands to their fans. For interested creators, they can register on the Spark AR Go beta program via this link.

Meta introduces Spark AR Go on 13 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Meta’s Spark AR Go is a new way to attract younger creators. For marketers, these can be an effective tool to create engaging Ig ads and campaigns.


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