Messenger Enables New Expression Tools

After testing several features, Messenger enables new expression tools. These are AR Effects, bill splitting, and soundmojis. Recently, the platform celebrated its 10th anniversary and planned integration with Facebook’s family of apps – Instagram Direct & WhatsApp – via end-to-end encryption (E2EE). But Facebook is putting the E2EE plan to a halt. Messenger’s new expression tools will now be available in group messaging.

Messenger group AR effects

AR Group Effects

Messenger starts experimenting with this feature in October. Initially housing 70 AR effects on its AR library, each participant of a group video chat can use them to liven the conversation. What is more interesting are the fun effects of high-profile influencers such as Bella Poarch, King Back, Emma Chamberlain, Zach King, etc.


Facebook also launched new themes of soundmojis – the “Red” and “Stranger Things” themes. The Red theme features Taylor Swift’s soundmoji from her album Red. Users can access it by tapping burning red on the loudspeaker tab. Scream via the Stanger Things soundmojis and choose friends don’t lie. 

Messenger split payments

Split Payments

Struggling to pay for a group dinner? Don’t worry, “split payments” are here. Facebook will launch such a bill-splitting feature next week for all Messenger users in the United States. Tap the “Get Started” button on a group chat or the “Payments Hub” in Messenger. 

From there, you can split the bill for each individual. Each bill contributor will need to confirm their Facebook pay detail and the request will be sent. Split payments are viewable on the group chat. The host of the group chat can be included or excluded.

Messenger enables new expression tools on 05 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Messenger’s new expression tools are minor enhancements for the holiday season, yet the split payment tools can be a significant eCommerce push. It can be a way for marketers to boost sales by allowing split payments of items in their shop catalogs.


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