LinkedIn Rolls Out “Dark Mode” Worldwide

In general, looking at your phone during nighttime is a terrible idea. Your brain gets confused by the blue light it emits, making it harder for people to sleep. That is why most messaging and social media apps are working to enable a dark mode option. It is currently under testing on Snapchat for iOS and the YouTube Studio Dashboard. Today, LinkedIn rolls out “Dark Mode” worldwide.

LinkedIn Dark Mode

Starting today, LinkedIn users can enable dark mode on both desktop and mobile devices. It is an alternate color palette to add a different view on your LinkedIn display screen. Dark mode makes it easier on the eye during low-light situations and nighttime. So, it is not simply a new skin on the largest network of professionals. To switch to LinkedIn’s dark mode, click the “Me” icon on your homepage. Select “Settings & Privacy” on the dropdown menu. Click “Display” under “Account Preferences.” Then, click change to dark mode.

As per LinkedIn, there are 2 key focuses of its dark mode option – accessibility and inclusivity. LinkedIn’s dark mode meets accessibility standards to reduce eye strain. Its illustration version represents a wide variety of backgrounds, fields, and industries. As such, it brings life to a diverse community.

LinkedIn rolls out “Dark Mode” worldwide on 13 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

LinkedIn’s dark mode is simply a new way to limit exposure to blue light. It also creates a different view within the app. For marketers, this update can boost engagement within the LinkedIn platform, which they can take advantage of to gain more reach. 


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