Snapchat Tests Dark Mode to Select iOS Users

We are seeing a lot of hype on dark mode in the past few months. Since last year, Facebook added dark mode on its family of apps – Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. While Pinterest, Reddit, TikTok, and Twitter enabled dark mode in toggles. Recently, Snapchat tests dark mode to select iOS users

Snapchat Tests Dark Mode to Select iOS Users

“Dark mode” is a display setting among apps featuring light-colored text over a black screen. It’s the reverse of the default app display setting where dark text shows up on a light screen. There are two basic purposes of a dark mode:

  • To slow down battery use
  • To reduce eye strain, especially during the night

As shared by Appleosophy, a new “App Appearance” section shows on the Snapchat app setting. Snapchatters will have three choices on their displays:

  • Match System – where Snapchat will match your display appearance based on the light it receives from the outside environment
  • Always Light On – where the light mode default display will always appear 
  • Always Dark On – where the dark mode default display will always appear 

Snapchat tests dark mode to select iOS users as of 18 January 2021

Implications for Marketers:

As Snapchat joins the dark mode bandwagon, marketers should take some time to think about how to develop a dark mode style of marketing. Dark mode emailing is getting popular. So, there’s a possibility that this unique display option can also be a trend in content creation. It may help to learn creative techniques to use dark mode in marketing. Who knows? People may find it attractive with the many eye-straining colorful ads.


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