LinkedIn Publishes Updated Ads Targeting Guide

LinkedIn’s mission is to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.” An effective way to do this is by creating eBooks, guides, infographics, insights, and playbooks. In the past three months, the platform has published the following:

LinkedIn Publishes Updated Ads Targeting Guide

Today, LinkedIn publishes an updated ad targeting guide – Mastering Targeting on LinkedIn.

The updated Mastering Targeting on LinkedIn guides marketers with:

How LinkedIn targets uniquely work. This is through professional targeting options via their company profiles, demographics, education, interests, and job experience. The guide provides comprehensive best practices and tips on how these things work.

Matched Audience Tool.  This is a new feature for targeting and retargeting. Using the tool, brands can reach audiences who took action on their lead generation forms and video ads. They can also market to company decision-makers and existing contacts. The tool includes the following list:

  • Company List Targeting 
  • Contact Targeting 
  • Retargeting by Engagement 
  • Website Retargeting 

Also included in the guide are targeting Dos and Don’ts and tips about its frequency and focus.

LinkedIn publishes the updated Mastering Targeting on LinkedIn on 14 September 2014

Implications for Marketers:

Mastering Targeting on LinkedIn is an excellent guide to maximize ad performance by using audience targeting options and tools on the platform. This is worth considering for marketers. LinkedIn is a potential platform for social media marketing. Being the only platform where brands can target audiences based on their education and job positions, it’s the best place to increase brand awareness and sales conversions.



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