LinkedIn Publishes a Guide for Tech Marketers

LinkedIn Publishes a Guide for Tech Marketers

Tech marketers, here is a new guide from LinkedIn! After publishing the Pitch eBook and Recharge Your Marketing 2022, the platform never stops boosting marketing solutions through recommendations.

LinkedIn’s new guide for tech marketers is entitled “The Technology Marketer’s Lead Generation Toolkit.” It includes a range of helpful data-driven insights and pointers that apply to tech campaigns. The major highlights of the new guide for tech marketers are:

  • A 5-step checklist to creating a lead generation tech campaign
  • Benchmarks for campaign performance per ad format and region
  • Best practices, examples, and tips
LinkedIn Tech Marketers Guide

5-Step Checklist

After installing the LinkedIn Insight Tag, the platform suggests this 5-step checklist:

  • Select a campaign objective – lead generation and website conversion.
  • Build a campaign audience either using the matched audiences or through a defined audience attribute.
  • Mix and match different ads formats such as images and messages.
  • Set your budget and schedule by defining a daily and lifetime budget for the campaign.
  • Set up conversion tracking
LinkedIn Tech Marketers Guide


After creating your creative reviews, you will need to measure the campaign performance. Here are the basic benchmarks that a LinkedIn brand or business need to track:

  • CTR for each ad format
  • Engagement Rate
  • Lead Gen Form Rate
LinkedIn Tech Marketers Guide

Best Practices

Some of LinkedIn’s suggested best practices for tech campaigns are:

  • Create a distinct branding on your creative.
  • Highlight insights to boost curiosity like a compelling quote or limited-time promotions.
  • Use thumb-stopping visuals instead of stock imagery.

LinkedIn publishes a guide for tech marketers on 08 March 2022. Users can download the 19-page guide here.

Implications for Marketers:

LinkedIn’s new guide for tech marketers can help map out a better business approach. It is a valuable guide that helps marketers better understand how LinkedIn ads work.


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