LinkedIn Adds People You May Know on Its Recommendations

LinkedIn Adds “People You May Know” on Its Recommendations

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. Its main focus today is to maximize economic opportunities through skills development and endorsement. Recently, the platform acquired Jumprope, a how-to video platform. The plan is to integrate videos with its certification courses. The platform also introduced boost marketing features to enhance ads recommendations and targeting. Today, LinkedIn adds “People You May Know” to its recommendations.

LinkedIn People You May Know update

The “People You May Know” (PYMK) is a recommendation system for network building. It will be visible under LinkedIn’s “My Network” tab. Through machine learning, such recommendations include people in places where you grew up, lived, went to school, or work with. They can be very helpful in finding co-workers, old acquaintances, and past classmates. They can also help users to get career advice and seek job opportunities.

LinkedIn adds “People You May Know” on its recommendations as of 05 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

LinkedIn’s “People You May Know” is an opportunity to expand a user’s LinkedIn network. For marketers, more followers mean better reach when promoting products and services in the world’s largest professional network housing the majority of decision-makers.

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