LinkedIn Launches Native Video Meetings

LinkedIn is starting to unlock new video features and tools. Last December 2020, it enabled stories ads. This was followed by a video cover story on business pages. Recently, LinkedIn acquired Jumprope, a how-to video platform. Today, LinkedIn launches native video meetings.

LinkedIn video meeting

LinkedIn’s native video meeting UI allows instant video calls without leaving the platform. Users can access it via the “Create Video Meeting” option in LinkedIn’s chat tab. It is powered by Microsoft Azure under LinkedIn’s core video microservice, LinkedIn Conferencing Infrastructure (LICI). Sooner, the platform is looking forward to enabling video facilitation prompts. These are triggers that suggest a video call upon including related terms in a chat. For example, if a user typed “Ready for the meeting?”, he or she will receive a chat prompt to “Create Video Meeting.” 

LinkedIn launches native video meetings on 09 August 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

LinkedIn’s native video meeting is a significant enhancement to the platform’s video tools. Teams can take advantage of such a function to brainstorm and collaborate. For marketers, this can be an option to better connect with existing clients and target audiences.


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