LinkedIn Announces the End of Stories

LinkedIn announces the end of Stories! The platform will be moving away from such an experiment by the end of September this year. LinkedIn Stories globally launched in September 2020. They are short videos with a maximum length of 20 seconds. Just like Facebook and Instagram Stories, they disappear after 24-hours. But they can still be saved on LinkedIn’s Stories frame. LinkedIn rolled out Stories ads after three months. But it seems that LinkedIn Stories does not fit the platform, just like the removal of Twitter Fleets.

LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn’s Senior Director of Product, Liz Li, made the announcement via LinkedIn Pulse. She said that after experimenting on Stories, Linked users prefer live videos to stay on their profile. They also want videos to spruce up in a more professional manner. As such, the platform decided to end LinkedIn Stories by 30 September 2021. Moving forward, LinkedIn is working on a new project that will replace Stories together with Jumprope.

LinkedIn announces the end of Stories on 31 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As LinkedIn announces the end of Stories, marketers in the platform should reassess their plans and strategies. Stories ads may have not been very effective as LinkedIn members want more professional content. Brands can start focusing on how-to videos to promote their products and services. These can be a promising tool to boost reach and revenues on LinkedIn.


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