LinkedIn Adds Product Tab on Company Pages

Most shoppers today opt for digital stores instead of a physical visit to brick-and-mortar shops. Around 70% buy products they’ve searched online. As such, brands need to create digital shops and social media pages to remain in the business. Today, LinkedIn adds a new product tab to company pages.

LinkedIn Adds Product Tab on Company Pages

Many social media networks have launched online shopping tools to help brands and businesses. Facebook and Instagram rolled out Shops and Shopping tags. Google introduced Shoploop. Pinterest set up Shopping Spotlights. While Twitter enabled Carousel Ads

LinkedIn’s new product tab on its company pages allows brands to spotlight their products and services. They can add a new product for launch using descriptions, screenshots, and videos. They can also add endorsements, ratings, reviews, and testimonials from current users. What’s good about LinkedIn’s product tab is the ability to add a call-to-action (CTA) button like a contact sales form or a demo request. The main goal of LinkedIn on its product tab is to build a trusted overview of products and services.

LinkedIn adds a new product tab to company pages on 15 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

LinkedIn’s new product tab on company pages is a clear step to leveraging LinkedIn’s marketplace. Marketers can try the new feature to create LinkedIn product catalogs as it may help increase engagement and conversion. Remember that most LinkedIn members are decision-makers. So, it pays to use new marketing tools in the platform to leverage revenue and sales.


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