iOS14 Update Said to Have Major Impacts on Facebook’s Audience Network Effectiveness

Audience Network ads on Facebook are about to become less effective with the rollout of Apple’s iOS 14. On 26 August 2020, Facebook released an announcement on the decreased effectiveness of targeted ads due to iOS 14’s new privacy features. Some users may not be able to see any ads from Audience Network, while some may still be able to but with the ads being less relevant. 

This is because of the restrictions on the app’s ability to more accurately target their campaigns. Apple’s new update, the Identifier for Advertisers feature, will allow app owners to track the individual data of users across their apps. It will not show a user’s personal information, but it will still show app activity and the like. Many users may opt to switch off tracking to avoid having their data monitored.

This is what Facebook had to say:

“For developers and publishers using Audience Network, our ability to deliver targeted ads on iOS 14 will be limited. As a result, some iOS 14 users may not see any ads from Audience Network, while others may still see ads from us, but they’ll be less relevant. Because of advertisers’ reduced ability to accurately target and measure their campaigns, app developers and publishers should expect lower CPMs on Audience Network and likely other ad networks on iOS… While it’s difficult to quantify the impact to publishers and developers at this point with so many unknowns, in testing we’ve seen more than a 50% drop in Audience Network publisher revenue when personalization was removed from mobile app ad install campaigns. In reality, the impact to Audience Network on iOS 14 may be much more, so we are working on short-and long-term strategies to support publishers through these changes.”

Currently, Facebook is still trying to figure out the full implications of Apple’s newest system update, but Audience Network ads are certain to not be as effective as they once were.

Implications for Marketers: 

Marketers will need to be able to find new ways to help brands advertise across Facebook for Apple users. Targeting will not be as effective, so marketers may need to find more creative ways to get ads to the appropriate audiences. Ads on Facebook may also need to be attractive to a wider range of audiences as opposed to being designed for a target audience.




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