Introducing Pinterest TV

Live shopping is significantly rising! Recently, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube enabled live stream features as eCommerce push. Today, Pinterest added new shopping features after getting accredited from MRC and TAG – introducing Pinterest TV.

Pinterest TV

Starting the 8th of November, Pinterest TV will air in the U.S. from Monday to Friday at 3 PM PDT/6 PM EDT. It will initially be available on the Pinterest app for Android and iOS. Pinterest TV is a fresh dose of live and shoppable creator shows. During the show, pinners can get discounts from featured brands. These include:

  • All Birds
  • Crown Affair
  • Melody Ehsani
  • Outdoor Voices
  • Mented

An initial lineup of Pinterest TV hosts includes Christian Siriano, Manny MUA , Monica Suriyage, Robyn Schall, and Tom Daley.

Pinners can tap the TV icon on the upper right-hand corner of a Pinterest app. It will allow them to watch premium series lineups and view on-demand original shopping episodes. The episodes refresh weekly. Pinners can also save and rewatch them.

Pinterest TV was introduced on 01 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Pinterest focuses on ideas and inspiration. That is why product discovery is very important on the platform. With Pinterest TV, marketers can boost the reach of brands in an engaging venue. It could also increase sales through impulse buying. 


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