Instagram Will Soon Allow Multi-Participant Live Streams

Live Streaming has seen a big rise during the lockdowns in 2020. Audiences and businesses alike resorted to online networks to connect and engage in the outside world. Brands using live video marketing grew 49% in revenue than non-video users. On Instagram alone, 80% of Instagrammers prefer to watch live videos than read a blog. This is why the platform focuses on enhancing live broadcasts. It rolled out creative tools, live shopping, and pin comments. What’s exciting is that Instagram will soon allow multi-participant Live Streams.

Instagram Will Soon Allow Multi-Participant Live Streams

As announced by Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, Instagram will soon allow up to 4 people in live streams within the next couple of weeks. This was made in a video interview by Lilly Singh. The Instagram chief even demonstrated the functionalities of the multi-participant live stream. It shows that an Instagrammer who goes on a live broadcast can invite 3 friends to join the stream. Each can use their own video filters. In the demo, Adam uses a space filter by the Italian guy Muccico. Lilly uses funny mirrors making her face look silly on-screen. While YouTube blogger, Nabela Noor uses the heart crown filter. The 4th participant, @scarbrothedawg chooses the heart crown filter as the best.

Instagram will soon allow multi-participant Live Streams as announced by its chief on 12 February 2021

Implications for Marketers:

Multi-participant Live Streams can be a new point of engagement among Instagrammers. For marketers, this is a great option to create live shopping with influencers. Before such an online event, brands can gain momentum by promoting it on the brand and influencer’s pages. The key is to follow Instagram’s ad creation tips to maximize engagement and revenue in the platform.



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