Instagram Updates Its Audience Insights

A lot of changes happen on Instagram after its rebranding. Last July, the platform announced its shift from photo-sharing into a photo-and-video app. Shortly thereafter, it launched a “Yours to Make” campaign. It is a video ad highlighting the features and tools of Instagram. Recently, Instagram extended its data tracking into 60 days. Today, Instagram updates its audience insights.

The updates on Instagram’s audience insights aim to provide more data about the engagement and reach of ads and campaigns. 

Instagram Insights update

Accounts Engaged

This new audience insight shows how many accounts interacted with a content offer a time frame. It can help brands and businesses to better understand engagement on their ads and campaigns. 

Engaged Audience

This new audience insight shows the demographics of accounts that interacted in content. These key pieces of information include age range, gender, top cities or countries, and whether they follow a profile or not.

Instagram Insights update

Reached Audience

This new audience insight also provides key demographic information like e gaged audience. It provides more visibility into the accounts you have reached and how you’ve reached them.

Instagram updates its audience insights on 19 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new updates on Instagram’s audience insights can be a huge help for marketers to drive performance strategy and optimize ads and campaigns. Just in time for the holidays, it may be worth digging in to assess your current marketing stance.


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