Instagram Tests Reels Overlay Ads

Instagram Tests Reels Overlay Ads

Instagram is set to hold on to its top talents. With Reels as the most appealing competitor of TikTok, the platform is now making it easier for top talents to earn via Reels Ads. Today, Instagram tests Reels overlay ads.

  1. Overlay ads

    Overlay ads allow Instagram creators to easily insert ads in their clips. They do not have to do the extra work. All the creators need to do is enable the Reels overlay ads under the “allow ads” setting. Once they upload eligible Reels, brands can insert ads as they choose to. The creator will earn a part of the revenue of these Reels ads.

    Instagram tests Reels overlay ads on 21 April 2022.

  2. Implications to Marketers:

    Reels overlay ads eliminate the need for brand deals and sponsorships. It makes collaboration and partnerships easier among Instagram creators and marketers.


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