Instagram is Testing to Hide “Like” Counts

Just like Facebook, Instagram realizes that likes are no longer relevant to a profile’s true reach. As Facebook launched a new Page design, it removed the “Like” button on the main page. Instead, it made the “Follow” button prominent on the page. Today, Instagram is testing to hide the “Like” counts.

Instagram is Testing to Hide "Like" Counts

Since January 2021, Instagram is testing to hide and unhide like counts on feed posts. When the platform officially rolled out multi-participant live streams last week, it unintentionally expanded its test of private “like” counts. Adam Mosseri personally apologized and further explained the experiment. First, he mentioned that a bug in the system caused the unintentional launch of private “like” counts. They have already fixed the issue. He further explained that what they want on Instagram is for users to have the freedom to hide and unlike “Like” counts on feed posts.

Instagram is testing to hide “Like” counts as of 05 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

“Like” is a form of social currency among Facebook and Instagram. It’s one of the social media metrics that can easily be quantified. Removing “Like” counts can switch the focus of marketers to achieve more valuable page and post insights. Brands can opt to boost conversion and sharing of content instead. As such, it will truly show the extent of their pages’ reach.



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