Instagram Tests Following Tab on Reels

Instagram Tests Following Tab on Reels

Short-form videos have been a rising trend in social media. Since TikTok hit the spotlight, many other clones arise. Instagram Reels are 90-second music clips. It is one of the most promising competitors of TikTok clips. With Reels templates and 3 different types of feeds, Instagram tests the following tab on Reels.

Reels Following tab

As shown by Salmon Memon, a coding researcher in India, Instagram is testing some tweaks on the Reels tab design in India. A “Following” tab now shows on the main Reels feed. It provides another way to explore the latest Reels through side-swiping. The new feature is somewhat a mirror of TikTok’s “following” and “for you” features.

Instagram tests the following tab on Reels as of 13 May 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Instagram is really working to put Reels at the same level as TikTok. Marketers should keep an eye on any updates. With Reels following under testing, there is a great chance that it will boost engagement in the app.


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