Instagram Tests Showing Suggested Posts on Primary Feed

Remember Instagram’s suggested post? These are ads showing on an Instagrammer’s primary feed. To boost brand discovery, suggested posts are ads shown based on a user’s online activity and preferences. Today, Instagram tests showing suggested posts on the primary feed.

Instagram suggested posts

Previously, suggested posts show after a user has scrolled all new content on his or her primary feed. This is right after the “You’re all caught up” button. Because of a good response rate, Instagram is now testing the option to put them above your friends’ feeds. The platform will also allow users to add their topics of interest for suggested posts. They can also snooze these recommendations for 30 days. 

Instagram tests showing suggested posts on primary feed as of 23 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s suggested posts aim to keep users stay on the platform by showing them things of interest. For marketers, suggested posts can boost awareness and the discovery of a brand. By showing products and services that are relevant to the Instagrammer’s interest, there is a high chance of conversion within the platform.



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