Instagram Adds New Branded Content Features

Instagram aims to be the best place for creators to monetize their content. That is why the platform continuously enabled new tools to help them earn a living while doing what they love. It launched a bonuses program as part of the creators’ benefits on Instagram. It also launched the brand collab manager for brands and creators to easily connect. Recently, it introduced “Collab,” a new feature for creators to co-author feed posts and Reels. Today, Instagram adds new branded content features.

Instagram brand content inbox

Brand Partnership Messages

This is a new folder on Instagram DM where brands and creators can find and manage partnerships. It skips the busy inbox by putting partner messages on the priority list of IG Direct. Such a dedicated space can make it easier to track sponsored communications and opportunities.

Instagram branded content search

Brand Search Option

These are unique data and filters that can help brands discover the perfect creator for their campaign. The brand search option will show creators qualified under Instagram Partner Monetization Policies. Brands can now get a shortlist of creators that can help them manage multiple campaigns. Currently, it is under testing with a small group of U.S. businesses:

Instagram affiliate shops

Creator Digital Shops

Instagram will now allow U.S. affiliate creators to create digital shops on their IG profiles. It is where they can highlight all of the products that they love in one place. With a “View Shop” button, they can earn a commission for every purchase they have driven.

Instagram adds new branded content features on 22 October 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The new branded content feature on Instagram can boost creator revenues. For marketers, they make it easier to find the perfect creator for their ads and campaigns. Brands can also partner with creators not just for content but even with the promotion of their offerings via digital shops.


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