IGTV Shopping and Stories Map for Instagram’s 10th Birthday

On 6 October 2010, a Stanford University graduate and Google employee wanted to make photos more than just a record of memory. Kevin Systrom was a lover of bourbon and photography. At first, he created the “Burbn” app. He used to take pictures of his scotch collection and share it with friends. The app doesn’t have filters. Then, together with a mobile photography enthusiast, Mike Krieger, they created an app that turns an ordinary scene into a magical moment. This gave rise to Instagram. It’s the app’s 10th birthday this month and Instagram is launching IGTV Shopping and “Stories Map.”

IGTV Shopping and Stories Map for Instagram's 10th Birthday

IGTV Shopping and Stories Map

Instagram Shops was launched on 19 May 2020. It allows users to add a product into cart directly from Instagram. The platform is expanding such eCommerce tags. You can now shop right from IGTV. Users will see a shopping bag icon once creators apply a shopping tag to IGTV. The Instagram team is also working on adding Shops to Reels. 

Instagram Stories was launched in 2012 after Facebook acquired the platform. It became an instant hit to Instagrammers. Instagram brings back “Stories Map.” It’s a calendar and map displaying all the Instagram Stories posted on an account for the past 3 years. The only difference is that old Stories maps are public. The recently launched Stories Map can be kept private. Publicly posted Stories Map allows location stickers searchable within the app. 

Expansion of Anti-Bullying Options

Since Instagram’s birthday month is the same as the anti-bullying month, the platform also expands its anti-bullying options.

  • First, it’s testing the auto-hiding of reported comments. While they remove those comments that violated their rules;
  • Second, the platform expands its comment warning noting that the account might be closed due to comment violations.

Instagram adds IGTV Shopping and Stories Maps on its 10th Birthday this 06 October 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Today, 10 Million people use Instagram every month. This makes the platform interesting for marketers to explore. Stories Map can help brands diversify their strategy for real-time campaigns. Putting location tags on a post can increase conversion and discovery. Shops are a key element of eCommerce. Adding them on IGTV can be a key to a new trend of in-stream shopping. As such, marketers should focus on keeping up with Instagram updates. Being one of the major social platforms, it can help increase brand awareness.

Reference: https://about.instagram.com/blog/announcements/instagrams-birthday-pushing-culture-forward


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