Google Updates Product Reviews Ranking System

Google aims to provide searchers with the most helpful and useful information. This makes it the world’s number one search engine platform. With smart scrolling on Google’s search panels, users will surely get helpful resources among its top searches. One significant element that people are searching for right now is a product review. Google has noted the importance of having an in-depth analysis of a certain product or service. This type of review can very well help searchers with their buying decisions. As such, Google updates its product reviews ranking system.

According to Google, the update aims to rank insightful analysis and original content on top of increasing SERP placements. These include:

  • Cover relevant product comparisons and which might work best for certain circumstances.
  • Describe how the product evolves and improves for the better. 
  • Describe the product design and its effect on users beyond what manufacturers commonly provide.
  • Discuss thoroughly the benefits and drawbacks of a product.
  • Explain what sets a product apart from its competitors.
  • Expert knowledge about a product.
  • Identify how a product performs in different categories.
  • Quantitative measure or rating of the product’s performance based on different categories.
  • Unique ways on how to unbox or use a product beyond what manufacturers commonly provide.

Google updates product reviews ranking system as of 08 April 2021. The update initially covers reviews using the English language. 

Implications for Marketers:

Google’s updated product reviews ranking system can change the way marketers request reviews from users and publications. It no longer means summarizing the product’s details and features. Instead, it means an in-depth review of how a product solves the users’ problem. Marketers should also aim to present a product accurately and thoroughly. This is to enlighten customers on how they can best provide a clear review that will rank in Google searches


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