Google Releases New Insights on Top Searches of 2020

2020 was a difficult year for everyone across the globe. So many events have happened that it’s almost too difficult to keep track. However, Google has been able to take note of the terms that were most searched for throughout the year. The list provides a good overview of which events would have lasting implications on the coming year, which is something brands and marketers should take note of. While the search trends are not indicative of what’s to come, it is still interesting to note what phenomena grabbed the attention of users all over the world. 

Google Releases New Insights on Top Searches of 2020

From digital transformations, to rising tech companies, to even pop culture phenomenon that made an impact on lives across the globe. Naturally, COVID-19 was the leading search term, which has certainly shifted the way people consume, purchase, and interact with one another. 

On top of these listings, Google allows for users to get a bigger picture of the big trends by offering a Year in Search key events overview. This is another way to study the key trends and shifts that guided behavior during the year. 

Implication for Marketers:

Marketers and brands alike may not be able to glean much from this overview, but they could use it to put the year that passed into perspective. This could be helpful in building and boosting morale for the coming year, especially since the challenges of 2020 would still carry over to 2021.


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