Google Publishes Local Holiday Guide

Every social media platform is set to ramp up business during the holidays. Google, for one, has been introducing new features and tools for the holiday season. First off, it launched Google for Creators, a hub of resources to build digital content. The platform also introduced smart display campaigns to automate ads. This comes together with new eCommerce tools to boost retailing. Today, Google publishes a local holiday guide.

Local Holiday Guide

Google’s local holiday guide aims to help brands and businesses boost their in-store visits. Among Google’s tips are the following: 

  • Build a Google digital storefront for online visibility.
  • Showcase your products for free on Google’s local inventory ads.
  • Grow omnichannel marketing through Smart Bidding Strategy.
  • Grow in-store sales through local campaigns and special promotions.

Direct Message from Search

To get more out of a Google business profile, the platform now allows direct messaging on search. Google businesses from Canada and the United States can now see a call history from customers who made an inbound call on their business profile. They can now call them back directly on the search page. 

Google publishes a local holiday guide on 04 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Google is the world’s largest search engine. For marketers, it is where they commonly target SEO. Google’s local holiday guide can very well help them to rank on top during this holiday season.


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