Google Introduces “Qaya,” A Web Storefront for Creators

Google now focuses on features and tools to help creators make a living. It launched Fundo, a virtual event platform. Then, it launched Google for Creators as a hub of resources. Today, Google introduces “Qaya,” a web storefront for creators.


Qaya allows creators to design a storefront. Via a Qaya store link, it will help them connect with their audience and earn more money. The storefront is also connected with the merch shelf, where creators can access creative tools. Qaya is under beta testing among US users and is under the Area 120 team.

Google introduces “Qaya,” a web storefront for creators on 15 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Qaya can be a handy tool for marketers to better showcase their products and services. It will also allow them to link product catalogs directly via YouTube clips.


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