Google Enables Recycling Attributes

Google Enables Recycling Attributes

Recycling is one of the most popular search topics on Google. More than 82% of consumers search for brands that support sustainability. As a shopping experience scorecard, brands that offer eco-friendly solutions are more preferred. Today, Google enables recycling attributes.

Google Recycling Attribute

The update aims to drive more activity and raise awareness of the recycling programs offered by businesses. Effective today, brands and businesses can add a recycling attribute under Google My Business. Just select the “Edit My Profile” option and choose “Business Information.” Click the “More” tab and select the category where you offer recycling. Select “Yes,” then save.

Google enables recycling attributes on 3 April 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Google’s recycling attributes can help marketers drive not only website traffic. They can also drive people who support recycling to the physical stores of a brand or business.


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