Google Celebrates “Small Biz Week” with New Tools

Google celebrates “Small Biz Week” with new tools. From the 24th of June to the 4th of July, the search engine platform will dedicate the celebration to support small businesses. This is part of International Small Business Week held every year. 

Create Video Ads in a Minute Using the Video Builder

Small businesses can now create video ads for free using the video builder tool. Just add a logo and 2 images on the video builder and set the campaign budget and target audience reach. Afterward, you can launch the video ad in just a matter of minutes.

Google Small Business tools

More Resources for Google for Small Business

Google is also adding more resources under the guides of Google for Small Business. A new “Digital Essential Guides” will provide recommendations per business type. It includes various overviews and training to help businesses drive traffic and maximize their performance using Google’s products and tools. 

Show Customers What Businesses Offer Directly on Google Maps and Search

Google now allows creating posts directly from Maps and Search. This is a new way to update a business profile. New services categories were also added to help businesses highlight the special services they offered. 

Google celebrates Small Biz Week with new tools on 21 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Google celebrates Small Biz Week with new tools, it is providing some good additions for SMBs to maximize their campaign strategies within the search engine platform. Marketers should check out these updates to gain more opportunities on digital connections and eCommerce.



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